Friday, February 18, 2011


With all the fuzz circulating around in the past few days in the local running community about the UNGO anniversary, some of my running friends (just few weeks-old into running) asked me, why is it that the group is called ungo? Is it intended to sound fearsome? or Unique? or Hardcore? All I know is, niether.

To be honest, I think I am not in the authority to answer this question.

Well, to answer my friend's query, this may help:

UNGO:  I think its  cebuano for a mythical human flesh-eating entity similar to aswang in tagalog.

UNGO: It was also what my mother used to call me during my Nintendo addiction days. Since my parents are against computer games, during those days, I usually get home late playing nintendo games at my classmates house. And she (Nanay) usually scolds me : "Na unsa, na man ka, sige ka na lang duwa duwa anang computer, dugay na ka mo pa-uli ! Na UNGO na gyud ka anang Mario ug Battle City"! !  . . . . Then followed by a spanish L word which means milk.

But to really give you an idea on why the group is called UNGO (ug dagan), let me refer you the Ungo Supremo himself, Sir Max Limpag, and here is his answer!

This may also help: UNGO" on the Loose... Friday Night Runners


* my apologies, this is hastily done, because in a few minutes from now, I will be on my way to the UNGO anniversary celebration.

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